Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design
Copper Mountain Resort Colorado
July 14 - 18, 2019

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Scope of FOCAPD 2019

The Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) is the premier international conference focusing exclusively on the fundamentals and applications of computer-aided design for the process industries.

Held every five years, FOCAPD 2019 is the ninth in this series, and brings together researchers, educators and practitioners to identify new challenges and opportunities for process and product design.

We are inventing a world in which "high performance design" will become expected and delivered through products and production systems that are agile, fault tolerance, and resilient. How will the process systems design community embrace these challenges and develop the necessary frameworks, knowledge and tools to support high performance design in a global manufacturing ecosystem? This will be the major theme of FOCAPD 2019.

Whether from industry, government or academia, participants are invited to share their views and constructively debate how academic research and industrial development can support high performance design. Complimenting keynote addresses and invited presentations from leaders in the field, contributions as extended abstracts or full papers for presentation or for posters will form the core of the conference. We are organizing FOCAPD around different topics and in addition to the traditional process and product design areas we seek contributions in the areas of:

  • Agile Design – New products and processes must be integrated within existing organization manufacturing infrastructure or product constituents explicitly considered for out-sourcing to toll manufacturing as part of the product design and implementation process. How can we deliver effective frameworks and software tools to support agile design?
  • Design for Manufacturing – Chemical industries have always had reasonably tight integration between the product and the manufacturing process. A desire for model-based analysis that ensures rapid entry to market with reliable products is driving the co-design of process and product to new levels, how do we deliver on the promise of model-based design for manufacturing?
  • High Performance Computing and Design – The advances in parallel architectures for computing will continue to drive performance as long as the algorithms are designed to take advantage of the parallelization. How can high performance computing change the way we are delivering design?
  • Machine Learning and Design – The re-emergence of machine learning driven by big data and deep neural networks has significantly impacted the fields of pattern recognition, game playing and control. Mining patterns in designs across variations in design problems could lead to the automatic generation of design heuristics for complex design problems. How can machine learning deliver higher performance process design?
  • Modular Design and Process Intensification – RAPID - The Modular Chemical Process Intensification Institute for Clean Energy Manufacturing, lead by AIChE, is a significant investment in research and development. How will this impact the process design community?
Conference Organization
Matthew J. Realff
Georgia Institute of Technology
Carl Laird
Sandia National Laboratories and
Purdue University
Salvador García Muñoz
Eli Lilly
Conference Information
Robin Craven
Conference Manager