Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design
Copper Mountain Resort Colorado
July 14 - 18, 2019

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Call for Papers

For Invited Speakers Only: You may submit an extended paper (10 pages), a standard paper (6 pages), or an extended abstract (2 pages) to coincide with your presentation. Please note that the deadline for this submission is January 18, 2019. When uploading your paper, please select "Invited Presentation (for Invited Speakers only)"

Two-Page Paper Submissions: We are still accepting submissions for two-page papers up to March 31, 2019. They will be reviewed for acceptance. All 2-page papers will be presented at one of the three poster sessions at the conference and the paper will also be put on a thumb drive for distribtion at the conference.

Submission Instructions

  • Please use the template provided below for your paper.
  • On the submission form, there is a BRIEF summary called "Abstract" (text only). The body of the abstract should be no more than 300 words. Place your abstract in the text box provided. Do NOT include the title and author info in the abstract text field.
  • Upload a PDF copy of your abstract. Other file types will give you an error message.
  • Immediately after online submission, you will be notified that your paper has been received successfully. Please contact Robin Craven, Conference Manager, if you should have any questions or problems with your abstract submission.

Template for Papers

Author guidelines for papers can be downloaded by clicking this link:
Paper Template

Elsevier Copyright Transfer Form (for 6-page Papers)

All papers to be published in the Elsevier Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design will need to complete a Copyright Transfer Form and upload the completed/signed form with your Final Paper submission. The copyright transfer form can be downloaded by clicking this link:
Copyright Transfer Form

Online Paper Submission Link

Please fill out the form and upload your paper by clicking this link: Paper Submission Form

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