The Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) is the premier international conference focusing exclusively on the fundamentals and applications of computer-aided design for the process industries. Held every five years, FOCAPD 2014 is the eighth in this series, and brings together researchers, educators and practitioners to identify new challenges and opportunities for process and product design. The chemical industry is entering a new phase of rapid evolution. The availability of low-cost feedstocks from natural gas is causing renewed investment in basic chemicals, while societal pressures for sustainability and energy security continue to be key drivers in technology development and product selection. This dynamic environment creates opportunities to launch new products and processes and to demonstrate new methodologies for innovation, synthesis and design. FOCAPD 2014 will foster constructive interaction among thought leaders from academia, industry, and government and provide a showcase for the latest research in product/process design.


Mario R. Eden

Auburn University

John D. Siirola

Sandia National Laboratories

Gavin P. Towler